A Preliminary Study on the Ecological Characteristics and Germinating Law of the Seeds of Fritillaria yuzhongensis in the Maxian Mountain Region of Gansu Province [in Chinese]

ZHANG Yao-Jia, WANG Hong-Mei, ZHOU Rui-Lian
Acta Biologica Sinica 12(2): 155-160 (1992)
Department of Biology, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, Gansu, 730000, CHINA

Zhang et al. 1992


Fritillaria yuzhongensis is analogous short-lived plant which grown in the mountain region of Maxian mountains has a life period of about 100 days. The seed embryos of mature fruits are hypoplastic with after-ripening characteristics, including both phases of morphological after-ripening and physiological after-ripening. Therefore,the seeds treated at a given low temperature can only complete after-ripening and be removed from dormancy. Thjs study shows that the optimum temperature for fulfilling morphological after-ripening is about 7°C. Under all over 100 days treatment at 7°C the embryos can develop to mature.Under a further over 70 days treatment at 7°C the seed can accomplish physiological after-ripening.  This plant has a long period of seed dormancy and its seeds require an over 170 day treatment at a low temperature to germinate.This study provides a suitable range of temperature and duration of low temperature treatment for the seed germination of Fritillaria yuzhongensi, and provides the scientific basis for increasing the germinating rate of the seed and shortening the cultivating days.

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