NEWS 2015

Fritillaria avromanica sp. nov. (Liliaceae) from Iran and notes on F. melananthera in Turkey

Mahfouz Advay¹, Mehtap Tekşen² and Hosein Maroofi³
Nordic Journal of Botany 33(5): 526-531 (2015)

¹Plant Systematics, Shahrekord University, Sharekord, Iran
²Dept of Biology, Faculty of Science and Letters, Aksaray University, Aksaray, Turkey
³Dept of Biology, Research Center of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Iran

Advay et al. 2015

F. avromanica


Fritillaria avromanica is described as a new species from Iran based on specimens collected from Hawraman. Taxonomic descriptions, illustrations, geographical distribution, habitat, ecology, and conservation status of the new species and the closely related F. assyriaca and F. melananthera are provided. In addition F. melananthera is given the rank of species, rather than being subspecies of F. assyriaca. The differences between F. melananthera and F. assyriaca are discussed with pollen and chromosomal characteristics.

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