NEWS 2015

A Comparative Systematic Study of the Genus Fritillaria L. (Liliaceae) in Iraqi Kurdistan Region

LANJA Hiwa Mustafa, RUPAK Towfiq Abdul-Razaq
Advances in Bioresearch 6(4): 14-24 (2015)
Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sulaimanya, Sulaimanya, Iraq

Lanja & Rupak 2015


A comparative systematic study was conducted of the taxa of genus Fritillaria L. family (Liliaceae) grows in Iraqi Kurdistan, concerning Morphological, Palynological , The morphological data were about bulbs, stems, leaves, flowers, inflorescence, fruit parts and seeds. The pollen grains of all the studied taxa were monads. The studied taxa were Fritillaria imperialis, F. persica, F. assyriaca, F. uva-vlpis, F. crassifolia subsp. kurdica, F. crassifolia subsp. hakkarensis and F. alfreda subsp. glaucoviridis which was recorded for the first time in Iraq.

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