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New data about Fritillaria meleagroides in Romania

Culiţă SÎRBU1, Adrian OPREA2, Mykyta PEREGRYM3
Journal of Plant Development 26: 123-135 (2019)
1University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “Ion Ionescu de la Brad”, Faculty of Agriculture, 700487, Iaşi, Romania
2University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Botanical Garden “Anastasie Fătu”, 700487, Iaşi, Romania
3University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Botanical Garden “Anastasie Fătu”, 700487, Iaşi, Romania

Sirbu et al. 2019


Fritillaria meleagroides, a rare species recently registered in the Romania's vascular flora, has been identified in two other new localities from the north-eastern part of the country. The average density of reproductive individuals of F. meleagroides in the area of Cotu Morii has been estimated at 3.7 individuals per m2. The paper reveals the structure and some ecological peculiarities of plant communities in which F. meleagroides grows at Cotu Morii (Iași county), and Ștefănești (Botoșani county). The protection of this species in Romania by declaring a natural reserve at Cotu Morii (Iași county) is supported in the paper. At Cotu Morii, besides F. meleagroides, other rare and threatened plant species have been identified, including Bulbocodium versicolor, which is reported here for the first time from the Iaşi county.

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