NEWS 2015

A new Fritillaria species from Mediterranean region of Turkey; Fritillaria asumaniae

Flora Mediterranea 25 (Special Issue): 199-208 (2015)

¹İstanbul .niversitesi, Eczacılık Fakültesi, Farmas.tik Botanik Anabilim Dalı, Beyazıt 34116 İstanbul, Turkey
²Llwyn Ifan Porthyrhyd, Carmarthen SA32 8BP, UK

Wallis et al. 2015


Fritillaria asumaniae R. Wallis, R. B. Wallis & N. Özhatay from Antalya province, situated in the Mediterranean region of Turkey is described as a new species. Approximately 20 species of the genus Fritillaria occur in Mediterranean region of Turkey, nearly 50% of which are endemic. In habit and shape of the perigone, the new species is reminiscent of F. forbesii Baker, a Turkish endemic species distributed around Muğla province and F. elwesii Boiss. scattered throughout SW Turkey and Aegean Islands. It differs from F. forbesii in its very dark brownish or blackish flowers, anthers and pollen grains. It also differs from F. elwesii in its undivided style, lack of green fascia on the perigone segments, the dark colored pollen grains and absence of bulbils. Description of the new species, taxonomic relationships, anther and pollen grain characteristics with color photographs are given.

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