NEWS 2011

A taxonomic history of Japanese endemic Fritillaria (Liliaceae)

Laurence Hill
Kew Bulletin 66(2): 227 – 240 (2011)
doi: 10.1007/s12225-011-9285-9
Petersham Lodge, River Lane, Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AG, UK

Hill 2011


To resolve the current taxonomic status of Japanese endemic Fritillaria L., their taxonomic history is retraced. All taxonomic papers are evaluated, together with more recent genetic observations. To determine the wider acceptance of various taxonomic revisions, a range of Floras are also examined. It is evident that articles published in Japanese have not been fully considered by the wider botanical community. Moreover, rivalries between the Tokyo and Kyoto schools of botany and an over-reliance on herbarium material by many authors have undermined the current classification of the Fritillaria ‘japonica group’.

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