NEWS 2015

Kew Mutual Improvement Society 2014/2015 Season
Lecture on 9 February 2015

Illustrating a Research Collection

Laurence Hill
In simple terms I photograph plants and share them with others but by applying a set of carefully considered rules these photographs have a value which goes beyond this unassuming act. The lecture aims to expand on this simple idea by detailing how and what I photograph, explore some of the challenges faced and explain how these photographs are presented. The lecture will conclude by showing how this resource can be used and who the target audience is. Research outcomes will be presented and future studies previewed. The lecture is structured to appeal to the horticulturist managing a collection, those planning online image databases and a botanical community needing access to primary data

KMIS 2015

Entry £2.00 at 18:00 (please arrive by 17:45)
Jodrell Lecture Theatre
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Surrey TW9

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