NEWS 2012

Exine Ultrastructure of Fritillaria (Liliaceae Juss)

Sayed-Mohammad MASOUMI
Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research 2(2): 1101-1109 (2012)
Open Access
Department of Plant Protection, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran

Masoumi 2012


Palynological data in Fritillaria obtained by LM, SEM and TEM are elucidated infra-genus positions of subgenus within Fritillaria. Ten pollen grains from eight species of six subgenera of Fritillaria were examined using light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The exine surface of pollen grains in F. camschatcensis (subgenus Liliorhiza) and F. eduardii (subgenus Petilium) is macroreticulate, in F. zagrica Stapf. (subgenus Fritillaria) and F. stenanthera (subgenus Rhinopetalum) and F. persica L. (subgenus Theresia) reticulate, in F. gibbosa (subgenus Rhinopetalum) and in F. imperialis (subgenus Petilium) is foveate-rugulate, but in F. sewerzowii (subgenus Korolkowia) is pisilate to reticulate. Ultrastructural characteristics appear to be valuable for pollen morphological data at species level, but there are not enough data for such conclusions for higher taxonomical levels (section, subgenus, and genus).

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