NEWS 2016

IUCN guidelines using for assessment of plants from the Red Book of Russian Federation at regional level: a case study for the Republic of Mordovia (Russia)

Anatoliy A. KHAPUGIN¹², Tatyana B. SILAEVA², Elena V. VARGOT¹²³, Gennadiy G. CHUGUNOV¹²³
Hacquetia - The Journal of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Scientific Research Centre, Institute of Biology (2016)
doi: 10.1515/hacq-2016-0012
¹Mordovia State Nature Reserve, 431230, Pushta, Temnikov district, Republic of Mordovia, Russian Federation
²Department of Botany, Physiology and Ecology of Plants, Mordovia State University, Bolshevistskaya Street, 68, 430005, Saransk, Republic of Mordovia, Russian Federation
³National Park “Smolny”, Topoley Street, 11, 431660, Smolny, Ichalki district, Republic of Mordovia, Russian Federation

Khapugin et al. 2016


There are 15 plant species included in the Russian Red Book, which occur in the Republic of Mordovia: Najas tenuissima, Koeleria sclerophylla, Stipa dasyphylla, S. pennata, S. pulcherrima, S. zalesskii, Fritillaria ruthenica, Iris aphylla, Cypripedium calceolus, Cephalanthera rubra, Epipogium aphyllum, Neottianthe cucullata, Orchis militaris, Neotinea ustulata, Thymus cimicinus. Of these, only C. calceolus is included in the Global Red List as Critically Endangered. Threat status for studied species in Mordovia was assessed, and their distribution dynamics in this region throughout 12 years was described. Recent floristic studies, inspections of herbariums and literature were used for searches all provided data. Grid mapping and IUCN criteria were used. Nine taxa were determined as Critically Endangered, three as Endangered, one as Vulnerable, one as Near Threatened and one as Data Deficient. The areas of occupancy and extent of occurrence in Mordovia were assessed for each taxon. All studied species should be included in the next edition of the Mordovian Red Book. F. ruthenica, E. aphyllum, N. ustulata, T. cimicinus require additional studies to confirm earlier observations.

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