NEWS 2016

A Revision of the Genus Fritillaria (Liliaceae) in Croatia

Radovan KRANJČEV¹, Damir ŠEŠOK²
Natura Croatica 25 (2): 185-212 (2016)
doi: 10.20302/NC.2016.25.16
¹Trg Eugena Kumičića 17, HR-48 000 Koprivnica, Croatia
²Petra Zrinskog 29, HR-48 317 Legrad, Croatia

Kranjcev & Sesok 2016


Botanical research into taxa of the genus Fritillaria (Liliaceae), which until today have not been fully identified and in the taxonomy of which there were ambiguities and confusion, was conducted on the entire territory of Croatia from 2012 to 2014. We studied the existing taxa in Croatia, partly also their ecology and certain features, taxonomy and distribution in the continental, coastal and island parts of Croatia. the name Fritillaria messanensis raf. subsp. gracilis (ebel) rix caused most of the confusion with other taxa; however it was discovered at eight localities in southern Croatia, in the region of Konavle and the Dubrovnik riviera. Based on the analysis of populations at 90 localities, five taxa were recognized and described: Fritillaria messanensis subsp. neglecta (Parl.) Nyman (endemic to Croatia), Fritillaria messanensis raf. subsp. gracilis (ebel) rix, Fritillaria meleagris L., Fritillaria montana hoppe ex W.D.J.Koch and Fritillaria graeca Boiss. & spruner subsp. thessala (Boiss.) rix, with one locality on the island of Pag. the herbarium revision included four Croatian herbaria.

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