NEWS 2016

Lectotype of Fritillaria japonica (Liliaceae)

Naohiro NARUHASHI (鳴橋直弘)
Journal of Phytogeography and Taxonomy
64(1): 25-26 (2016)

Naruhashi 2016


Fritillaria japonica Miq. was described as a new species by Miquel (1867) based on an illustration in a Japanese book. The book is regarded as Iinuma’s Sōmoku-dzusetsu (Iinuma 1859-1862). There is only a specimen of F. japonica in Iinuma’s collection depoited in National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo (TNS). Hara and Kanai (1957) designated the Iinuma’s specimen as the lectotype of F. japonica (Fig. 1). However, there is no description of the specimen with exception of the illustration book in Miquel’s description. The auther considers that the lectotype is not the specimen but the illustration of Iinuma’s book which was supposed from the description of the new species by Miquel, because of Section 2 Typification, Articles 7.8, 8 and 40.4 in the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (Melbourne Code 2011).

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