NEWS 2017

Deconstructed Fritillaria

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017
United Kingdom
22 May 2017 to 27 May 2017

Hill 2017

These six non-Linnaean composite images compare related characters across a genus; where as the convention is to group different characters of a single species.

A Linnaean image maximizes taxonomically important information within the space limitation of a scientific journal or monograph. The Internet has removed the limit on space and through Search has created the option to bring together images of individual characters to compare across different species and genera. The inspiration for these non-Linnaean composites is a vision of a fully searchable botanical image bank capable of producing custom composite images specific to individual users requests. The square format and geometric structure also breaks with tradition. This also acknowledges trends in social media and the use of smart phone apps to engage the public in Citizen Science projects. These six 60x60 cm photographs have been digitally arranged from 209 separate plant parts. Some of these were photographed using focus stacking, then layer stacked and retouched in Photoshop. In total 321 photographs were used in the preparation of these six composite images.
Exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 as part of the Portfolio Category of the RHS Photographic Competition 2017.

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Fritillaria RHS Chelsea

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