NEWS 2022

Fritillaria kordestanica (Liliaceae), a new species from western Iran

Mahfouz ADVAY1, Martyn RIX2, Mehtap TEKŞEN3
Phytotaxa 554 (1):070-076 (2022)
1Department of Biological Science, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
2Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, United Kingdom
3Department of Biology, Aksaray University, 68000, Aksaray, Turkey

Advay et al. 2021


Fritillaria Linnaeus (1753: 303; Liliaceae) comprises about 170 species of geophytic perennials (Rix 2019) occurring in most temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere (Tomović et al. 2007, Hill 2014, Day et al. 2014). The largest number of taxa has been found in Turkey (46 species) and Greece (31 taxa, 26 species and five subspecies).

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