NEWS 2022

Anatomical and Palynological Characters of Endemic Fritillaria gencensis Yıld., Kılıç & A Demirpolat

Türk Tarım ve Doğa Bilimleri Dergisi (Turkish Journal of Agricultural and Natural Science) 9(3): 734–740 (2022)
Bingöl University/ Food, Agriculture, Animal, Vocational School, Plant and Animal Production Department, Bingol, Turkey

Demirpolat 2022


This study was carried out to determine the anatomical and palynological features of Fritillaria gencensis, a new species found in Turkey. F. gencensis is a new species and no previous systematic research has been conducted on this species. In this study, the anatomical and palynological features of F. gencensis were evaluated to define the species in more detail. Anatomical examinations were made on the surface section of leaf and stem. In the trunk cross-section, the cortex cells are 3-7 layers. These cells are thin, parenchymal and have little or no intercellular spaces. 1-2 rows of collenchyma cells are seen below the cortex. In the upper and lower superficial sections taken from the leaf, the stomata index was 49.88% in the upper epidermis and 48.66% in the lower epidermis. Stomata are of the anomocytic type because there are no specific types of adjacent cells surrounding the stomata. As a result of palynological studies, the average of the polar axis, which is the long axis of the pollen, was 34.38 µm, the equatorial axis was 24.23 µm and the average thickness of the exine was 1.25 µm. Pollen shape was prolate. Pollen ornamentation was reticulated. With this study, the anatomical and palynological features of the F. gencensis species was determined and and with the results contributed to the taxonomic studies on the subject.

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