NEWS 2012

Anatomical, morphological and palynological study on Turkish endemic Fritillaria baskilensis (Liliaceae)

S Mesut PINAR¹ & Lütfi BEHÇET²
Bocconea 24: 305-310 (2012)
¹Yüzüncü Yıl University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology, 65080, Van, Turkey
²Bingöl University, Faculty of Science and Art, Department of Biology, 12000, Bingöl, Turkey

Pinar & Behcet 2012


Fritillaria baskilensis Behçet (Liliaceae) was described as a new species in 1998 from Turkey. It grows in Elazığ-Baskil province (Şelil Dağı) in East Anatolia and known only from one locality. In this study, endemic F. baskilensis is presented with anatomical, morphological and palynological features. Plant samples have been collected from the type locality. The most important features that distinguish this species from other are: a shorter stem, smaller perianth and exerted stamens. In addition to the morphological features described in the flora of Turkey, fruit and seed characteristics are also given. The anatomical and palynological features of F. baskilensis are reported for the first time in this study. For anatomical studies cross-sections of the root, stem and leaves and surface sections of the leaves of F. baskilensis have been investigated. It has been determinated that pollen type is monosulcate, pollen shape is subprolate, ornamentation is reticulate in investigated species. Although threat category of the species is given as Endangered (EN) in the Red Data Book of Turkish Plants, its category could be reclassified as Critically Endangered (CR) according to our field observations.

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