NEWS 2010

Seed morphology of the genus Fritillaria L. (Liliaceae) in Turkey

XIII OPTIMA MEETING 2010 [Antalya, Turkey] – Poster
Aksaray University, Sciences and Letters Faculty, Department of Biology, Aksaray

Teksen 2010


The seeds of 35 species and 6 subspecies of the genus Fritillaria L. (Liliaceae) were studied by scanning electron microscope (SEM). Seed morphology of the examined specimens exhibits some variation in shape and size. Seed size ranges between 8-15 mm and 3-4.5 mm lenght, 5-9 mm and 2.5-3.5 mm in width. They are elliptic, oblong, oblanceolate, obovate, obovate-orbiculare, triangular. The results of SEM investigation of seed coat sculpturing also revealed three distinct types of surface structure of the seeds, which are mainly correlated to external morphology of the species. In addition, the unknown seed features of Fritillaria are given for the first time here in detail.

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