NEWS 2018

Szachownica (Fritillaria) – różnorodność w kratkę

University of Warsaw Botanic Garden
1 April to 4 May 2018

Warsaw Botanic Garden

Fritillaria - chequered diversity
These images formed part of the exhibition ’Fritillaria – a chequered diversity’ staged at the University of Warsaw Botanic Garden as part of their 200th Anniversary Year events. The exhibition consisted of living material and a series of posters introducing the genus and the research conducted by the Botanic Garden. The posters included details photographs of flowers and SEM images.

The exhibition was conceived by Katarzyna Roguz, Dorota Szubierajska and Krystyna Jędrzejewska-Szmek and fouces on the current research of Katarzyna Roguz.

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Fritillaria Exhibition Warsaw Botanic Garden

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