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Yan LI, Zhirong ZHANG, Junbo YANG, Guanghui LV
PLoS ONE 13(3): (2018)

Li et al. 2018

Chloroplast genomic resources for phylogeny and DNA barcoding: a case study on Fritillaria
Yu BI, Ming-fang ZHANG, Jing XUE, Ran DONG, Yun-peng DUL, Xiu-hai ZHANG
Scientific Reports 8:1184 (2018)

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Ecological Characteristics and Suitability Evaluation of Fritillaria cirrhosa D. Don based on Maxent Model
Ming-li WU, Qin ZHANG, Jing-yuan SONG, Xi-wen LI, Cai-xiang XIE, Zhi-gang HU
Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med., 15(1): 158-167(2018)

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