NEWS 2018

Pollen morphology of some Fritillaria L. species (Liliaceae) from Iran

Pakistan Journal of Botany, 50(6): 2311-2315,2018
Department of Biological Science, University of Kurdistan, P.O. Box 416, Sanandaj, Iran

Hosseini 2018


Pollen grains of 5 taxa from the genus Fritillaria L. in Iran were studiedby scanning electron microscopy. Detailed pollen morphological featuresare given for these taxa. Pollens were monosulcate and ellipsoidal. Sulcus extends from distal to proximal in all studied taxa. Results shows that the sculpturing of the exine, pollen membrane ornamentation and lumina shape provides valuable characters for separating species. Based on these characters, 3 main pollen types were determined with three different exine sculpturing: reticulate, reticulate-perforate and suprareticulate.

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