NEWS 2018

SPECIES BOUNDARIES: Fritillaria affinis

Royal Horticultural Society
Plant and Art Fair
United Kingdom
11-12 July 2018

RHS London

SPECIES BOUNDARIES: Fritillaria affinis
The North American Fritillaria affinis shows great variability across its geographic distribution. To highlight this taxonomic complexity, six portraits show examples from Oregon and Northern California.
Fritillaria affinis can appear locally distinct and several sub-populations have been named, although later reduced to synonym. Specific character combinations are frequently found in geographically disjunctive sub-populations and many characters appear polymorphic at particular locations. This natural variation in wild species strongly contrast the everyday horticultural experience of more uniformed plants.
All images were shown life-size including the tepal outlines in the key. Each of the six 20x60 cm portraits were photographed digitally using focus stacking, then layer stacked and retouched in Adobe Photoshop.
The schematic landscape image of Oregon and Northern California was created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Fritillaria Exhibition RHS LONDON

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